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Monday September 24th, 2018
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A coconut pie recipe, Mexican style and not too sweet
Rob Rabine

We all had had this Yucatan-Style pie at a terrific little fish shack in downtown Vallarta. I contacted them a couple of times for the recipe but they never got back to me, so here is Rick Bayless’s version, hardly second rate. If you like coconut, you’ll be hooked. It has a wonderfully chewy texture and it’s not too sweet. Yucatan Style Coconut Pie:
Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco | Thursday April 26th, 2012

Olé to new Amigos
Andrew A. Duffy

A family's labour of love brings Mexican food to Fisherman's Wharf
Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco | Thursday April 12th, 2012

A Tale of Three Tortas: Tortas en Mexico

Since I'm mildly obsessed with spicy tortas, I couldn't let my first trip to Mexico end without trying a local sandwich. Though Zihuatanejo is more known for pozole and tacos al pastor, we heard good things about hole-in-the-wall Tortas Ziranda and hit it up for our last meal.
México | Wednesday November 16th, 2011

Grab a Camcorder, Your Little One and Delicious Avocados

Avocados from Mexico Sponsors Mini Chef Video Contest for a Chance to Win $1,000 Cash and Other Prizes
International | Tuesday November 15th, 2011

World's first Cornish pasty museum opens in Mexico
David Millward

The pasty has for centuries been synonymous with Cornwall. But the world’s first museum dedicated to the “delicacy” is to be built in the mining municipality of Real del Monte, more than 4,500 miles away in Mexico.
México | Tuesday November 15th, 2011

Mexico to eliminate kiwifruit tariff

Mexico has announced it will eliminate its 20 per cent tariff on kiwifruit imports saving the New Zealand industry $1 million a year.
México | Saturday November 12th, 2011

Entrepreneurs succeed without English
Kirk Semple

More than 40 years after arriving in New York from Mexico uneducated and broke, Felix Sanchez de la Vega Guzman still can barely speak English. Ask him a question and he'll respond with a few halting phrases and an apologetic smile before shifting back to the comfort of Spanish.
International | Friday November 11th, 2011

Asparagus harvest begins

Described as a good start for the season, given good weather conditions that have prevailed in this agricultural cycle in the Yaqui Valley, the first Asparagus cuts have taken place, reported the Tribuna.
México | Friday November 11th, 2011

Mexico drinks to its roots
Nicholas Gill

Pulque, a popular workingman's drink dating to the Aztecs that had fallen out of favor long ago, makes a comeback in Mexico, thanks to the Facebook generation.
Ciudad de Mexico, Distrito Federal | Thursday November 10th, 2011

Cilantro brings authentic Mexican to the beach
Jon Bleiweis

Growing up in Mexico City with her grandmother, Gladys Fernandez was introduced to the cuisine of Puebla, one of the states in southern Mexico where her grandmother grew up.
International | Tuesday November 8th, 2011

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