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People Lie in Modern Communications
Guillermo Ramón Adames Y Suari - Pvnn
December 31, 2010
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In recent studies carried out at Cornell University, a number of very interesting stories came up as a consequence of today‘s invasive communication‘s means. What is not mentioned in the extracts of the article published in the CHRONICLEONLINE of Cornell University, is "where" did they get those telephone messages from.

They're the little white lies we tell to save face or other people's feelings - the "I'm on my way" text messages or "Got to go, phone's ringing" excuses during online chat sessions.
I would like to refer my readers to previous articles I have published in Banderas News and in PVWriters: "What‘s New "Between" The Social Networks?", September 8, 2010, "What‘s New in Facebook? The Film", October 10, 2010, "Facebook

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