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UNAM: The Most Unusual Projects
Guillermo Ramón Adames Y Suari - Pvnn
January 6, 2011
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When we were students at the National University of Mexico, at the Faculty of Sciences, we shared the facilities with Mathematicians, Physicists and Biologists. This happened in the 60‘s, we were full of energy and our ideal was to change the world as many of our 20 yr old classmates.

As a consequence of a demographic training, we wrote to the president in turn (Gustavo Díaz Ordaz) to call his attention: The retirement system as it operated at the time (and still does), was not going to work for Mexico in a 50 yr period, i.e. today. We never got an answer from him or any of the presidents who followed him. As of today, nobody dear talk about retirements. The problem today concerns the whole world: Look around you, retirement benefits cost more and more and there is less and less jobs and people live longer and longer. Don‘t even mention this, no one has an answer.

But there were two projects that would definitely change the face of the Mexico. Biologists were studying the Cortes Sea and with some quite advanced statistics supported by some researchers, we concluded that the Cortes‘ sea, could feed Asia and Mexico altogether. The project was in fish breeding. The only thing that we forgot was that on one side of the Cortes Sea, there were Mexicans and on the other side

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