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2011 a year of challenges and opportunities: Max Greig
April 23, 2012
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2011, year of achievements and results for the Centro Universitario de la Costa, so Dr. Maximilian Andrew Greig said, rector of the highest seat of learning to perform its second report of activities which highlighted the challenges that tested the will, creativity and dynamism, earning it the strengthening of actions that resulted in great satisfaction with the results generated from the commitment of the university community.

Max Greig said that during the period 2011 - 2012, there have been various activities focused on the development of the university community, this through projects that strengthen the teaching, research and extension, with the maximum utilization of resources efficiently and transparent.

In research as a means of obtaining new knowledge and potential contributions to real problems, we have generated three new centers that allow students to obtain information that is critical to making timely decisions, impacting the community, including the Centre for Research in Information Systems Applied Geography and Meteorology of the West Coast.


It was also said that during 2011 the quality remained an indicator in the performance of teachers by recognizing desired profiles, hence the 53 teachers with PROMEP profile, 29 have a doctoral degree and 24 a master's degree, and as for the qualified researchers and for their production, we were able to increase the number of researchers recognized by the National System of Researchers to 16, of whom 19 percent have a level II, 57 percent Level I and the rest are candidates.

In regard to training and teaching, he emphasized that as a leader in training students, CUCosta is notable for the management and implementation of educational programs and training plans for professional development, this according to the needs of the region, so that currently it serves a population of 5 000 132 students from 14 undergraduate programs and 6 graduate programs, keeping 76 percent of total enrollment enrolled in quality educational programs.

He added that during the calendar 2011-B and 2012-A, a total of 688 thousand students where admitted and as for the category of graduates, "last year we managed to graduate 801 students, of whom 515 got their degree through different modalities, highlighting the increase in students who completed the review of graduation through CENEVAL.


Regarding the extension and binding category mentioned that during this period 856 students joined the social service, assigned to the University Network, as well as to external institutions that have 260 established agreements with companies and institutions for student assignment, social service and professional practices.

The rector of CUCosta reported that various events were organized at national and international stature, among them the international gathering of poets and art "Letters in the Sea", the V International Seminar for New Alternatives in Tourism, Hospitality Third Forum "Together by Vallarta "and the Fifth International Congress of Psychology, among others in which student participation is important.


Similarly he mentioned that in 2011, under the tenth anniversary of Radio Universidad in Puerto Vallarta the 1st. International Meeting of Journalists highlighted the involvement of communication professionals from the likes of Jose Ramon Fernandez, Andres Bustamante, Edgardo Mattei, Lucia Navarro, Javier Solorzano, Jis and Trino, among others, "unprecedented event in the Red Radio Universidad de Guadalajara. "

In this context, Maximilian Greig said that 2011 was a very difficult year, "since the University of Guadalajara went through a severe economic crisis that affected the substantive activities of the entire University Network, University Center for the Coast this meant a budget cut of 49% of the initial budget. "

Therefore said that this summer was necessary to restructure the Annual Operating Plan to fit a regular allowance of just over 5 million 33 thousand pesos instead of the 9 million, 776 thousand, 967 dollars originally allocated, as well as a decrease in self-generated revenue in the order of $ 17 million 500 thousand pesos.

However, he said that we had the opportunity to participate in special projects in conjunction with the State Government, the municipalities of the North Coast of Jalisco and various civic organizations, "elaborated the Agenda for the Conservation of the Mountain of Puerto Vallarta, which set objectives, strategies and commitments that give certainty to the conservation of natural resources, environmental services, as well as the economic and productive development of the region. "


In this regard, he noted that the Cucosta serves on the Board of Management Unit Land Conservation Xiutla in Puerto Vallarta, whose main objective actions for conservation, protection, maintenance and use, through the administration of forest areas, forests, marshes, wetlands and marine ecosystems that are within the Municipality of Puerto Vallarta and under its operation and management shelter.

On the other hand, he said that with the social commitment that prevails in the top university, the University Center of the Coast has strengthened its ties with the City of Puerto Vallarta, working through representation on various boards, commissions and committees, which are determined to taking decisions in the design and operation of public policy and the validation of each of the proposals.

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Finally, Maximilian Andrew Greig stated that "overall, the 2011 was a year of challenges and opportunities that allowed us to test our will, creativity and dynamism, thus achieving the strengthening of actions which gave us great satisfaction for the achievements and results generated from the commitment of our university community and once again we have shown that working together we continue to improve and grow to continue building our university. "

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