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Starry Nights - Latin Fever
Angela Corelis - PVNN
June 6, 2011
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Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - Just when you thought "Low Season" was upon us, with restaurants closing or reducing their hours, and entertainment venues at a minimum, along comes Paradise Community Center to declare "No on Low" and "Yes to the Summer Season."

Last Friday saw another installment of "Starry Nights" at PCC, this one called "Latin Fever," and what a wonderful night it was!

Doors opened at 6 pm, so folks could enjoy a casual dinner of either Tacos al Pastor or Chicken and Shrimp Skewers. Also available were crab or vegetarian spring rolls. In keeping with the theme of the evening, plates of chips and bowls of salsa were on all the tables.

The Tacos were served by Jeovany Rafael, who wants it to be known that he is available for parties and events by calling (322) 229-3295 or (322) 190-3105.

Shrimp and Chicken skewers were cooked and served by Mark Gordon, Frank Myers and Mona Frayer.

As always, The Book & Bean coffee shop, located there at the center, had a number of delicious (no calorie -ha-ha) desserts and coffee drinks.

Around 7 pm, the stage was taken over by Eduardo Leon, who many remember from the Cabaret Concert several weeks ago. This man has a close and personal relationship with every chord that can be played on a guitar. He was joined on stage by Enrique Jimenez, on drums, and Karen Rocush on percussion instruments. For close to an hour, this trio held the audience's attention with familiar Latin American musical numbers as Eduardo and the group easily transitioned from one song to the next.

After a brief intermission, the trio was joined by Jorge Acosta, whose handsome face and beautiful singing voice can be found in many Southside restaurants, and Andrea Jupina with her flute, who also thrilled audiences at the Cabaret Concert a few weeks ago. Again the audience of close to a hundred people was held in rapt attention and awe.

When Jorge sang "Besame Mucho," several in the audience were moved to tears it was so beautiful. At the conclusion of their hour or so on stage the audience gave the quintet a standing ovation and demanded an encore (and the performers acceded to their demands).

Several people in the audience said that the evening's entertainment was easily worth double or triple the small price of admission. It was said by a couple of people that Pastor Ric Lehman and the Paradise Community Center has hit another "Home Run."

The evening was such a success that a well-known restaurateur (who shall remain nameless at the present) was asking about doing a dinner for a future "Starry Nights" evening.

Speaking of future events, mark your calendar for Thursday, June 16th. Italian night will be the theme and will include "Music of the Rat Pack" as well as Rat Pack Martinis. Do you remember the Rat Pack and the original "Oceans Eleven" movie? Can you name all five of the Rat Pack members?

Two weeks later, Saturday, July 2nd, PCC will celebrate a combined Canada Day and 4th of July with a big BBQ party with all the trimmings, including Homemade Apple Pie, a Rock-n-Roll band (or two), and of course a number of surprises.

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The Paradise Community Center is located on Pulpito street across from Coco's Kitchen and the former Kit Kat. It is the location of the Old Town Farmers Market, the Worship in Paradise Church services on Sunday morning, the Book and Bean Coffee Shop and book exchange, and the recently added Alexander hair salon.

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