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Wind power potential comes to Mexico
April 20, 2012
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Mexico could generate 30 percent of its energy from wind sources if it invested into the development, since it is a country that has the best geographical conditions to develop this kind of industry, was said in an interview by Erik Winther Pedersen, Director of Development Business of Suzlon, the fifth largest wind turbine in the world.

"Mexico is a fertile ground to develop clean energy, wind, solar, biomass, but must be willing to participate, with all that it involves, and it would also require creating an adequate legal framework," he said in an interview.

The country has areas like Oaxaca and Baja California where wind farms could be installed to supplement the energy needs and even export energy, but it requires considerable investment to improve the actual legal framework in this area.

During the World Economic Forum (WEF) on Latin America, India representatives of this company that does business with 32 nations, said that while the development of clean energy requires a large investment there is not much difference what is required to start a processing plant for fossil fuels.

The difference is that the inputs generating no additional cost, which does happen with coal, gas or oil.

However, it is necessary to adjust the country's regulations for power purchase agreements (PPA), where the government guarantees the payment of the energy supplied and thus acquires certainty, issuing expeditiously the return of investment.

"The financial crisis limited the growth of the wind industry because there is less funding available and for which there is, lenders are very careful so you have to offer all possible guarantees," said Winther Pedersen.

Overall, the country is behind in clean energy, although the Government is promoting a green agenda, which promotes sustainability and has very specific goals marked for electricity generation and sustainable use.

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"Mexico is limited when compared globally. The main consumers are in the world, China and European countries, and Brazil, South Africa and India are making considerable efforts to acquire these technologies in the U.S. while there is much development because there are also some limitations at the level of government regulation“, the businessman said.

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