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Oil at Mayto Beach
April 23, 2012
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Oil at Mayto Beach
Scientists both CUC and federal personnel and Navy are already in the area to clarify the apparent accident. President Calderon was aware of what was happening and ordered a Presidential helicopter to the area.

For scientists and scholars who manage the Mayto turtle camp in Cabo Corrientes, the "flakes" of crude oil found in 12 miles of the beach, might come from deposits in the deep, whose natural emanation off the coast of Jalisco, is due to strong seismic events that occurred recently.

The turtle camp has managed to collect over 200,000 eggs and 87% have birth and are collected and treated for preservation.
The turtle camp, supports this hypothesis, remembering the 1985 earthquake, 2009, in which years there were oil spills in Cabo Corrientes and Tomatlán respectively.

Remember the aftershocks of March. There was 7 and 6.4 on the Richter scale in this month to consider the movements and adjustments of the land, allowing the escape of oil from the deep sea.

This turtle camp staff, operated by the University College of the Coast, was visited by the inspector of Profepa Alejandro Alba and Lieutenant Luis Vidal, who walked the entire beach of Mayto where oil remains were found along its 12 kilometers.

The President of Mexico, Felipe Calderon sent a helicopter to inspect the area, citing the camp’s facebook statement "Fortunately President (Felipe Calderon) was in Puerto Vallarta and had one of the best aircraft in the country available."

Since Tuesday camp staff is in contact with the authorities in Puerto Vallarta for mitigating the effect of oil waste on the beach, the 8th Naval District of the Navy and PROFEPA sent staff to make an assessment of the problem and implement necessary actions to reduce the risk to the environment.

Within the camp we study the behavior of turtles, from their arrival until they leave the beach.

The origin of the oil apparently might be “a natural emanation, off the coast of Jalisco in the seabed at great depths, it is likely a nearby field, there have been two oil spill cases in the area, 1985 in Cabo Corrientes and 2009 in Tomatlan, both after strong earthquakes: the first one in Mexico City and the second in Chile. "

They add "a month ago we had an earthquake of 7.4 on Guerrero and a week ago one of 6.4 in Michoacan, so we tend to believe that these earthquakes could cause the emission of hydrocarbons.”

Mayor concerned

For Oscar Castellon, mayor of Cabo Corrientes, the most worrying spill which apparently is oil, is not knowing where it came from, but presumably it could have escaped from one of the boats that anchor in the port of Manzanillo.

In a telephone interview yesterday afternoon, to an electronic medium, the mayor revealed that there are 50 meters from stain of spilled material left by the flood wave, although a cleanup campaign already began, uncertainty remains as to the source of the contaminant, making it harder to clean.

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The last word will come from specialists who work in the area, to confirm the deep reservoir spill, or discard it.

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