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Tuesday September 25th, 2018
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Mexico and U.S. groups in $4 mn seabird recovery project

The Mexican government is joining two U.S. environmental organizations in a $4 million project to help seabirds recover in the islands off the Pacific state of Baja California, the Environment and Natural Resources Secretariat said Monday.
International | Tuesday November 22nd, 2011

Mexico City bike activists paint ‘Wikilane’ for cyclists
Lauren Villagran

A group of activist bicyclists painted an unauthorized bike lane – a “Wikilane” – a short ride from Mexico’s national congress to draw attention to their demand: that 5 percent of the national transportation budget go to bike infrastructure.
Ciudad de Mexico, Distrito Federal | Tuesday November 15th, 2011

Monarch butterflies decline at wintering grounds in Mexico

Every fall, millions of monarch butterflies travel south to Mexico and take refuge in twelve mountain sanctuaries of oyamel fir forests. Now, declining numbers of the overwintering butterflies expose the migration’s vulnerability and raise questions about threats throughout the monarch’s lifecycle.
México | Friday November 11th, 2011

Mexico's not so green Green Party
Ioan Grillo

Critics accuse leaders of corruption, lavish lifestyles. While green parties around the world are known for alternative ethical politics in favor of the environment, Mexico's own green party has gained a rather different reputation.
México | Thursday November 10th, 2011

Subspecies of rhinos declared extinct, Mexico monster still fighting
USA Today

Just a couple of days ago I was telling you about an ambitious and successful initiative to relocate black rhinos, but the situation is more dire than it appears at a first glance: the Western Black Rhino of Africa has been declared officially extinct, and two other subspecies are extremely close to meeting the same fate.
México | Thursday November 10th, 2011

Plans for resort in Mexico ignite concern about reef
William Booth

Where once the waters here were almost barren of life, there are now vast schools of randy, spawning big-eyed jacks. The grouper lurking in the thriving coral have reached the size of overindulged toddlers. The tiger sharks are big enough to star in scary movies. The nesting turtles, devil rays and sea lions have returned, too, alongside a few tourists wearing flippers and masks.
México | Thursday November 10th, 2011

Mexico to earn royalty on light bulb carbon credits

Mexico will earn a royalty on carbon credits generated from energy-saving light bulbs through a world first deal that could pave the way for other developing countries to fund emissions cuts, the investors said on Monday.
Ciudad de Mexico, Distrito Federal | Wednesday November 9th, 2011

Voluntouring offers new way to experience Mexico
Christine Delsol

A volunteer vacation is one of the best ways for a habitual sun-and-fun vacationer to break out of the rut; for a first-timer, it's a safe and rewarding introduction to the Mexico that exists in the real world, outside the all-inclusive resorts' walls. Yes, you'll spend your vacation working instead of playing, and pay for the privilege.
México | Wednesday November 9th, 2011

Drought costs Mexico 450,000 head of cattle

About 450,000 head of cattle have been lost in the drought affecting several states in Mexico, the National Peasants Confederation, which represents 5 million farmers and ranchers, said.
México | Tuesday November 8th, 2011

Leviathan proves elusive to fan of great blue whale
Susan Scott

The blue whale is a critically endangered species, with a total world population estimated between 6,000 and 11,000, and they feed along the coast of California and in the Sea of Cortez. So as I sail, I scan the water for a glimpse of the largest animal alive, probably the largest to ever have lived.
International | Monday November 7th, 2011

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