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No New Cases of Dengue in Vallarta
Maridiano Staff - Maridiano
June 7, 2011
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No New Cases of Dengue in Vallarta
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - Even though no new cases of dengue have been reported in Puerto Vallarta, the Secretariat of Health in Jalisco (SSJ) recommends that the population continue with cleaning procedures in the interior and exterior of their homes to avoid breeding of the dengue mosquito.

Officials report that due to monitoring, preventative and public awareness measures, Vallarta currently has no new reports of the dengue virus.

The Director General of Public Health, Mario Márquez Amezcua, said that "we remain" working with the University of Guadalajara (UdeG) and the Federation of Students University (FEU) in continuing the dengue prevention measures.

During epidemiological week number 21 (May 22-28), there were three new cases of classic dengue, two in the municipality of Zapopan and the third in Tlajomulco.

According to previous reports, Puerto Vallarta was the municipality most affected with the virus with fourteen recorded cases, followed by Tonalá with seven and finally Guadalajara, Zapopan, and Tlaquepaque with five, according to the

There were 54 cases of dengue reported in the state of Jalisco, with 49 being the classic type and the other 5 being the bleeding type, with 26 males and 28 females infected.

The statistics place the state of Jalisco in 10th position for Mexico by number of cases and in 16th position by incidence rate. It should also be noted that the press conference results from National Health Week showed a 63.25 percent increase in vaccination implementation.

38,000 doses of Pentavalent vaccine is being distributed in the Health Centers of the SSJ and units of the IMSS, as well as 22,000 of the Rotavirus vaccine.

Finally, Mario Márquez Amezcua spoke of the cholera O104H4 type, which is currently in Germany and some countries in Europe. Even though there are currently no cases in Mexico, the officials are continuing with the monitoring systems for persons arriving from these areas to detect any risk.

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In closing, Amezcua recommended that the Vallarta population continue to practice hygienic activities in frequently washing hands and sanitary food preparation.

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