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Puerto Vallarta is concerned regarding Dengue
Thamara VillaseÑor
April 13, 2012
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Puerto Vallarta is concerned regarding Dengue
There has not been sufficient action for prevention of Dengue in Puerto Vallarta

The state of Jalisco has its greatest concern in terms of Dengue, in Puerto Vallarta, because despite of the prevention efforts taken, it has not been able to cut the transmission channel of the Dengue virus in some areas.

The director of Public Health, the Health Ministry Jalisco (SSJ), Mario Marquez Amezcua informed that “Currently, most of the Dengue infections this year, are in the areas of Puerto Vallarta and Guadalajara”.

The Pitillal is one of the places that make Puerto Vallarta a priority, because even with the preventions implemented and the passing of winter, it continued to record cases of infected people.

"In metropolitan area we have no concern, our main concern we have in Puerto Vallarta, is the area of El Pitillal, where we have not been able to cut the chain of transmissions; we successfully managed to be at zero infections for two weeks, but we are concerned about Puerto Vallarta and the entire coastal region".

In the last week there were reports about six new cases of dengue in the state of Jalisco, of which two were in Puerto Vallarta, two in La Huerta and two in Tlaquepaque. With this, the number of cases is 23, in other words, two infections less than in 2011.

Jalisco is located at position 13 by the number of Dengue cases nationwide.

In recent weeks, the agency distributed two thousand 300 leaflets with information for the population, plus it created four thousand pieces of school homework.

Eight municipalities affected

The Cases

Municipality’s Cases

Guadalajara: 6

Puerto Vallarta: 6

La Huerta: 4

Tlaquepaque: 2

Zapopan: 2

Chapala: 1

Tonala: 1

+ Wexico

Tonila: 1

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