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New Life Center Offers Free Treatment for Addicts
Ubardo Aguilar - Tribuna
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June 18, 2011
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New Life Center Offers Free Treatment for Addicts
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - The New Life Center is an institution under the State Center Against Addictions in Jalisco (CECAJ), whose purpose is to attend to and prevent addiction.

In Puerto Vallarta, they are offering free treatments for people who have used addictive substances on an experimental basis.

It is a model of early intervention against addictions and provides for the prevention of the consumption of psychoactive substances and the promotion of mental health through a brief and outpatient treatment.

"Persons receive psychological care and treatment. It is not a residential Medical Center", said the Director of the unit, Lorraine Tirado.

They seek to meet the needs of people with any addiction and the treatment is free of charge. The priority is to treat people who have consumed a substance on an experimental basis.

Tobacco, alcohol and marijuana are the most addictive substances among young people, but some, from an early age, have started in the use of other substances such as the "love pill" or "angel dust", with increasingly aggressive chemical agents.

The New Life Center offers treatments for adolescents who are new to the consumption of alcohol, problem drinkers, brief treatment for cocaine users, a program for care of family members who are users, among others.

"We are not only working with the person who is consuming the substance or already has an addiction, but also working in an integrated manner in seeking to promote a change in the behavior of the family," she said.

Users that are accompanied by their families obtain satisfactory results. For example, of every 10 cases treated, 8 are favorable.

The origin of addiction includes curiosity about how it feels to consume a substance, as well as family problems and the socialization at home.

Collateral damage from the consumption of those substances goes from mental, physical problems, decline in health (alcohol consumption), mental alteration and death (drug use).

The New Life Center started operations in December 2009, and although there are no real statistics of persons that have been helped, it is estimated that number has been increasing. So far this year, 125 people have been treated, of which 85 were first time visitors to the center.

Although the service is free, please make an appointment, either in social service, psychology, or treatment. Patients are cared for by trained personnel in psychology and social work.

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The website for the State Council Against Additions in Jalisco is Call them toll free in Mexico at (01 800) 536-9444. Local telephone is (322) 281-6699, Monday - Friday from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm. Location is Azalea 371 (between Colima and Jalisco), Col. 24 February, delegation Ixtapa, Puerto Vallarta. Email is capapuertovallarta(at)

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