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Leading Cause of Divorce in PV is Domestic Violence
Javier Santos - Tribuna
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July 1, 2011
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Leading Cause of Divorce in PV is Domestic Violence
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - Jaime Yanez Polanco, agent of the Public Prosecutor's Judicial Intervention in the region, said that a high number of divorces are filed citing implied domestic violence, especially of a man towards a woman.

He noted that each week, they are receiving eight to ten cases of violence, while the remaining cases are due to lack of monetary family support or infidelity.

However, he stressed that the Social Office has a high participation when violence is the main cause of separation or divorce.

"I'm talking about 30 percent of the divorces citing violence, of which 80 percent of the 30 per cent will ask for the intervention of the Public Prosecutor's Office." Sometimes, psychological violence is involved, which "is not as detectable to the naked eye", he stressed.

"All these pressures", he said, "sometimes causes the person to react in different ways, even forcing them to do things against their nature", explained Yáñez Polanco.

The Social Attorney announced the signing of an agreement with the City Hall in using the facilities of the municipality in order to provide legal advice via the Internet, to people that require this assistance.

In the municipal office, the person needing services can talk via chat and camera with the lawyer, but in the event that the situation requires personalized attention, they will channel the person to the City Office for subsequent follow-up.

"It is a great achievement of the Social Office that such activities should be coordinated between state and municipal government with a lawyer available at the time that you need assistance."

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The Social Office serves from the defense in a commercial trial, which might include child custody and support.

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