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Tianguis Destination City - One Man's Opinion
Eduardo Yarto - Turespacio
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June 13, 2011
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Tianguis Destination City - One Man's Opinion
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - Controversy has caused the decision of Sectur to change the headquarters for the annual Tianguis Tourism event!

It is worth mentioning that for the past ten years, you could hear voices requesting change of the tourism trade event of the country headquarters.

The main reason for this has been, simply, that Acapulco stopped showing, for many years, the best side of tourism in Mexico and in an event of this nature, the logical thing is that we show the best that we have and definitely Acapulco is not the best.

Beyond this, it is important to mention that the current decision to remove the event from Acapulco is due to a request from the buyers themselves, those who have requested another location.

It seems to me that the issues of insecurity from the participants in the past Tianguis created the seed that was planted with Sectur to move the event.

It did not take long to create two opposite reactions. On the one hand, the destinations were prepared for the headquarters of the event and on the other hand, the citizens were furious at the loss of the same.

Headed by the Municipal President of Acapulco, Manuel Añorve, some citizens have expressed dissatisfaction with Sectur, accusing them of being the worst enemy of Acapulco. The Añorve berrinches (fits of tantrum) have reached the Supreme Court of Justice of the nation, which leaves everybody waiting to see what will happen with the national tourism event.

This is not more than the summary of a painful soap opera that only reflects the cheap level of politicians we have. A guy like Añorve should realize the importance of this event to the tourism of Mexico.

It seems to me that in his resentment of having lost the election for Governor of the State, he is looking for a new political step in staying on the stage and is using the tourism issue as a stepping stone.

On the other hand, it has been interesting to observe the enthusiasm with which the rest of the country has taken the news. Many of the potential destinations, in a desire to host a better event and to become the star of the stage in Mexico tourism, have decided to run as the replacement Tianguis location.

Eighteen destinations have been registered as candidates for the prize. Among them are the best of the best of Mexico, as well as some others who do not have much chance, but that in any case we applaud the intensive efforts and even more, the desire to be better and compete against the biggies.

The race between the 18 destinations was booming, with advocacy efforts, press conferences, campaigns, lobbying and other actions to win the seat.

Obviously there are favorites and to have a clearer picture of the tourist industry desires, Turespacio released a survey asking the tourism universe of Mexico about what is your favorite destination to win the seat of the event.

The results, so far, reflect that most of the so-called great destinations, marking the people's favorites to win.

The surprises in the results of the "contest" found León in first place with 16,287 votes and Puerto Vallarta in second position with 15,560 votes.

The surprise is not by fate, as both are certainly major contenders, but rather because you would have thought that others would be at the top, such as Mazatlan, Cancun, Monterrey and Merida.

The real surprises are see Guadalajara far away from the leaders and Mexico City in last place. Something that is not surprising is that Acapulco is located at the bottom of the vote.

However, while the decision is subject to the Supreme Court, the competition between destinations, which was to be a very interesting exercise, has been practically suspended. And as in all, if "A" plan does not walk, we have to think of a plan "B".

And what is that plan "B"? What should you do Sectur? And what must you do with the Mexican tourism industry?

Personally, I see four possible scenarios, and one or two of them seem to me the best options. The four scenarios are:

1 Return the Tianguis to Acapulco and leave the headquarters set in that destination.
2. As proposed by Sectur, change the Tianguis headquarters to another location each year.
3. As proposed by Cancun, find a new permanent location for Tianguis.
4. That Acapulco will continue to host the event, but with using their own funding resources instead of Federal and Sectur participations.

In my opinion, the best options are the 2 and 4. First, because it seems to me essential to remove the event from Acapulco and second, because I think that a traveling event would give the possibility to all destinations being protagonists so they would be forced to raise tourism levels.

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If the tourist trade event of Mexico is called "Tianguis" or something else, that doesn't seem relevant. However, my opinion is that the important thing is to know what you think - which is why I would ask, "do you have another proposal?".

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Translated by PVNN

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