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Puerto Vallarta Beaches Optimal for Recreational Use
Yussett Matías Hernández - Vallarta Opina
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March 19, 2011
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Puerto Vallarta Beaches Optimal for Recreational Use
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - The beaches of Puerto Vallarta are suitable for the enjoyment of the hundreds of swimmers who will be visiting the port during the two week holiday season.
Favorable results have been obtained from the monitoring that took place in the early days of this month, according to Alina Quintero Ramirez, responsible for sanitary regulations of Health Jurisdiction VIII.

According to the most recent monitoring carried out on March 3 on the beaches of the region, it was found that through the relevant studies, all coastlines are within the parameters of corresponding standards. It was also announced that six more tests, scheduled for March 28-31 with the remaining three tests on April 4, 5 and 7, ensuring that the beaches are in optimal conditions before the Holy week and Easter holidays.

Alina Quintero Ramirez said that the beaches where the sampling was conducted found that the highest units of enterococci was 20 points, but still considered suitable within the allowed range that establishes the standard. Other beaches recorded less than 10 points, which means that they are parameters of quality and reliability for the use of bathers.

Ramirez also recalled that the Cofepris marks the guidelines in this respect,
where 500 units is considered as a beach unfit for recreational use. In previous studies at the beaches of Boca Tomatlán the units were unsuitable, but recent studies show a marked improvement with the units well below the acceptable standard.

In addition to evaluating the beaches to be suitable for recreational use, the banks are monitored each month by the health jurisdictions and the results are that the conditions are suitable in Yelapa, Quimixto, Las Animas, Boca Tomatlán, Mismaloya, Gamelas, El Nogalito, Conchas Chinas, Cuale and Los Muertos, all of them with favourable results.

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We applaud our environmental experts for monitoring and reporting our local beach conditions of Puerto Vallarta and Banderas Bay.

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