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Vallarta Seeks Partnership With Five Airlines
Ubardo Aguilar - Tribuna
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June 29, 2011
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Vallarta Seeks Partnership With Five Airlines
Miguel Andrés Hernández

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - The local tourist industry is working towards partnerships with five airline companies in bringing additional flights into Puerto Vallarta, informs Miguel Andrés Hernández, President of Vallarta's Tourism Trust.

According to information provided by the Group Aeroportuario del Pacifico (GAP), during the period of May, 2010, until May of 2011, a 14 percent decrease was reported in the arrival of passengers to Puerto Vallarta.

In this regard, the Tourism Trust President felt that the cause was a natural effect, coupled with the perception of the image of Mexico, and the contraction of the economy affecting the tourist destinations in Mexico.

Because of these problems, the Tourism Trust office is working in conjunction with the Office of Conventions and Visitors and Marketing Subcommittee in working with the airline companies.

Negotiations are underway with five airlines of the United States, Canada, the Netherlands and South America, with meetings that began in April.

Hernández Arteaga reported that negotiations have been progressing and it is hoped that they will have more concrete news regarding the five airline companies within the next 90 days.

He said that airlines will have different schedules, not only during the high season, but also in bringing conventions and visitors to Puerto Vallarta throughout the years of 2012 and 2013.

One aspect to be noted is the portion corresponding to the air passage on international travel in Mexico, which represents 15 to 25 percent of the traveler's expense. Therefore, it is important to provide the necessary air transportation to these potential tourist in order to receive the additional revenue for hotels, restaurants, activities, stores and businesses.

The Office of Conventions and Visitors (JSO) to Puerto Vallarta has 5 million pesos (mdp) budgeted in support of the airlines negotiations.

Luis Angarita Mayorga, President of the Puerto Vallarta CVB, pointed out that the 5 million pesos has been provided by the Tourism Trust.

The tourist authorities will be meeting next week in the city of Cancun in continuing the negotiations with the airlines.

Fernando Bosque Mohíno, Director-General of the Pacific Airport Group, said that he is convinced that the airline industry will recover from difficult situations.

"We are seeing this year, from the month of April, a drop of traffic in relation to which we received last year, and with regard to our expectations, this is a cycle we shall overcome," he said during his visit to Puerto Vallarta.

He added that the actions involved are designed to recover the interest of airlines in coming to Puerto Vallarta.

"In Mexico, during the past five years, we have been going through a crises period in the different airlines and are currently in the recovery of the loss of flights that Mexico was offering. The industry is responding well and other airlines are reprogramming and acquiring new aircraft. Everything takes a little time," he said.

Connectivity is a vital, strategic element for the development of a tourist destination. This is the physical, logistics, direct and economic possibility to move potential tourists to the destination.

In modern times we tend to address primarily the air connectivity, but the land and water routes are also of utmost importance.

The bankruptcy of national airline companies including Alma, Mexicana, Aviacsa, Azteca, Aerocalifornia and international airlines has caused their recent closures.

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The airline negotiations are a dual effort in bringing more business to the airline companies and also to bring a positive message for the visitors to choose Puerto Vallarta as an innovative and vigouous destination.

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Translated by PVNN

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