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Committee of Ecological Management to Preserve Natural Resources
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June 30, 2011
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Committee of Ecological Management to Preserve Natural Resources
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - The Municipal President, Salvador González Resendiz, highlighted the plans and actions regarding the protection of the mountains and ecological zoning areas of Puerto Vallarta.

Strong steps are being taken for the protection of Vallarta and its natural resources, on the initiative of this Council, which involved the formation of the Committee of Ecological Management of Puerto Vallarta, composed of authorities of the three levels of Government and representatives of different social and productive sectors of the city, thus constituting a body which will be responsible for the planning and ecological regulation of the territory.

Salvador González Resendiz headed the meeting, and is assured that the Committee will be of great help in the tasks undertaken for the preservation of the mountains and other areas. He is thankful for the support from both state and federal governments and the authorities involved in the care of ecology providing this initiative for Vallarta, in establishing the ecological territorial system, Programa de Ordenamiento Ecológico Territorial (POET).

"Those who have followed the ecological theme in Puerto Vallarta know that the purpose is to seek a true protection of the mountains with the POET program."

"The formation of the Committee of Ecological Management is what we ultimately want to accomplish within the municipality and surrounding municipalities to achieve genuine protection of the mountain regions in finding the avenues to genuine protection in achieving what POET has not yet accomplished."

The Mayor pointed out that Vallarta is the second municipality in the state of Jalisco to implement this important program, "today we finally made the first step is the formation of this Committee and I would emphasize that it is the key to the goal." For this reason, he thanked the members of the attendees and is anxious to move forward as soon as possible in initiating the programs which will be of great benefit to the city.

"People who know this subject are aware of the breakthrough in dealing with ecological issues and I believe that today we are taking the big steps that need to be taken in protecting Puerto Vallarta."

On behalf of the Secretary of the Environment for Sustainable Development (Semades), the Director-General for Environmental Protection and Development, Monica Mariela Reyes Garrido, made a public recognition to Mayor Salvador González Resendiz and staff, "because there are few municipalities that are interested in carrying out or applying a tool such as the ecological zoning, and therefore we believe that all the work with the participation of each and every one of the productive and social sectors, including state and federal levels, will give validity to this whole process in assuring that it is carried out."

POET was introduced as a very important planning mechanism "to really determine what are the key facts in determining the basis of the existing land uses and activities that are currently underway, in determining and protecting them. In this way, we can also identify which areas are the most specific in urban development and agricultural activities, and which areas should be included in carrying out the productive activities and services."

It was pointed out that it should not be forgotten that this is a tourist destination where activities are available and these should not be allowed in risk areas. "We need to define all areas to avoid in preventing accidents and generate the planning regarding the territory."

Reyes Garrido also pointed out that this new program will be a vital part in the integration of the document which will be validated by Semarnat and be approved by the City Council "to allow this body to make decisions for the municipality, incorporating state and federal decisions, along with the participation of each and every one of you."

Some participants in this Committee, such as teacher Juanita Delgado from Centro Universitario de la Costa and the Asociación Nuestra Tiera, celebrated the completion of this project, which joins the synergy of the municipal and state authorities to provide the area with an instrument for the management of their development, "Puerto Vallarta deserves it and I think all of us who are here are worried about the preservation of our natural resources and I believe this program will give us that answer."

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The head of the Committee on Ecology, Juan Pablo García Castillón, led the official closing of the event.

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Translated by PVNN

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