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Poet Tomas Segovia Dies
November 9, 2011
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Hispanic writer, poet and essayist Tomas Segovia died in the Mexican capital of complications to the cancer he suffered. He was 84.

The Spanish-born Segovia, who went to Mexico as an exile after his homeland's 1936-1939 civil war, was the recipient of numerous honors including the 2000 Octavio Paz Prize for Poetry and the Essay and the 2005 Juan Rulfo Prize for Latin American and Caribbean Literature.

He was also honored in 2008 with the Federico Garcia Lorca International Poetry Prize.

Mexico's National Culture and Arts Council, or Conaculta, offered condolences for the poet's death in a communique.

Among his major works were "La Luz Provisional" (The Provisional Light) in 1950, "El Sol y Su Eco" (The Sun and Its Echo) in 1960, "Anagnroisis" in 1967, "Figura y Secuencias" (Figure and Sequences) in 1979, "Cantata a Solas" (Cantata Alone) in 1985, "Casa del Nomada" (Home of the Nomad) in 1994, "Fiel Imagen" (Faithful Image) in 1997 and "Sonetos Votivos" (Votive Sonnets) in 2005 and 2008.

Outstanding among his essays were "Contracorrientes" (Against the Tide) in 1973, "Poetica y Profetica" (Poetic and Prophetic) in 1986 and "Alegatorio" (Declarations) in 1997. Segovia also wrote a play, "Zamora bajo los Astros" (Zamora under the Stars).

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Conaculta recalled that one of the last tributes he received was last month at the Monterrey Book Fair.

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