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Second Meeting of Poets and Arts, "Letters in the Sea" in Puerto Vallarta
April 28, 2012
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Second Meeting of Poets and Arts, "Letters in the Sea" in Puerto Vallarta
A score of poets from around the world will meet from the 2nd to the 5th of May in Puerto Vallarta, presented by the Chair Hugo Gutiérrez Vega "The Cultural journalism and literature" in order to further promote world peace.

At a press conference organized by educational authorities of the University Center of the Coast (CUCosta) at the University of Guadalajara, it was announced that in its second edition it will pay tribute to Colombian poet Juan Manuel Roca and the Mexican Eraclio Zepeda, born in Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas .

Letters in the Sea (Letras en la Mar) contributes to the preservation of poetry, dissemination and interpretation through an interactive exhibition with the participation of poets from different countries. He unites the world with his poetry and its various manifestations.

The Second International Meeting of Poets and the Arts, will be in the beautiful Mexican town of Puerto Vallarta: poetry shall take the streets and be heard only the repetition of its tenure in different languages, rhythms and accents without any borders.

“This time, 15 writers from five countries will meet to take the students and the general public and seduction verses of poetry accompanied by music concerts and art exhibitions”, said program coordinator, Antonio Sanchez.

According to the program of activities, on May 2nd will be the official opening with a poetry reading with Juan Manuel Roca (Colombia), Jasim Mohammed (Iraq); Annunziata Rossi (Italy); Olssom William Magnus (Sweden) and the Mexicans: Eraclio Zepeda, Elva Macias, Marco Antonio Campos, Carmen Villoro, Jorge Orendain, Zelene Bueno, Jorge Gutierrez and Hugo Souza Vega.

On May 3rd there will be the presentation of the book “Para Nombrarte” from Zelene Bueno, and there will be a poetry workshop with Carmen Villoro, a tribute to Juan Manuel Roca / Eraclio Zepeda, and the presentation of tango by Ricardo Leon.

The announcement and the general program of events is organized by Humberto Famanía, technical secretary of CUCosta and Aneli Dean Martin del Campo, technical coordinator at Sea Lyrics

In addition to the organizing committee, which includes Puerto Vallarta municipal authorities, as well as a large group of companies, entrepreneurs cultural organizations in this town.

The organizers assure that this year will have double the number of attendees, more than 5,000 people in addition to those following the event through radio broadcasting and the various media outlets.

The challenge hereinafter is to create a convention of poets in Puerto Vallarta.

The organizers understand that in addition to carrying the message of peace through poetry, these events contribute to the dissemination and promotion of the destination and also make it a unique cultural space of its kind.

One of the objectives of this poetic meeting is to retrieve the most valuable cultural traditions of Mexico, which has led to organize concerts and mass meetings so that people that appreciate this tradition and students can find inspiration for their writings, as well as to encouraging the literary vein and not to lose the good taste for this art.

Note that the art activities will be transmitted live on various radio stations in the Red Radio Universidad de Guadalajara and will have free entrance, while the workshops will have a maximum capacity of 30 persons, upon registration

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