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Sunday August 19th, 2018
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A bike friendly Sunday at Marina Vallarta in Puerto Vallarta
Jorge Chávez

he bicycle is the most sustainable, healthy, environmental friendly and inexpensive mean of transportation. Bike rides are a different and great way to get around Puerto Vallarta and at the same time help your overall health.
Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco | Monday December 12th, 2011

Thomas Jones: Inspiration for others with Down syndrome

In many countries, people with Down syndrome are marginalized. A Calgary man with the condition was on a vacation in Mexico when he noticed how little was being done for people with the syndrome.
Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco | Monday October 31st, 2011

Simply Puerto Vallarta Video Relaunches To Showcase Safety
Charu Suri

The winter is a good time to consider booking a flight to Puerto Vallarta, and the tourism board is doing everything it can to dispel the safety myths surrounding Mexico.
Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco | Monday October 10th, 2011

First-class urban amenities and charming palm-fringed villages draw retirees to the Puerto Vallarta region.
Barry Golson

...but our choice in Mexico is the Puerto Vallarta region, located on the Pacific Coast in the state of Nayarit. Its combination of first-class urban amenities and charming palm-fringed villages have made it an appealing retiree draw as well as a popular tourist destination
Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco | Wednesday September 14th, 2011

A taste of Mexico returns
Madison Samuel-Barclay

For a night of great Mexican-style fun and food, come out to the Radium Valley Vacation Resort on September 10 and support a great cause at the same time.
Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco | Tuesday September 6th, 2011

All About OXXO
PVNN Staff

Locals and tourists have noticed the OXXO convenience stores appearing on just about every corner in Puerto Vallarta.
Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco | Friday July 1st, 2011

Princess Cruise Lines: Stop Slandering the Safety of Puerto Vallarta
Luis Melgoza

If you agree with the injustice of Princess Cruise Lines, you can sign the petition in support of Puerto Vallarta.
Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco | Tuesday June 28th, 2011

Free PEACE Spay and Neuter Clinic for Cats & Dogs
Gretchen Dewitt

From July 13 until July 16, the first mobile clinic of PEACE will be held at the Cultural Center on the Isla Cuale in Puerto Vallarta.
Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco | Tuesday June 28th, 2011

Minimum Wage Insufficient for Daily Survival
Lourdes Martínez

"Mucho trabajo y poco dinero" (lots of work for little money) is an expression used by locals trying to live on the minimum wage in Jalisco, Mexico.
Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco | Monday June 27th, 2011

Puerto Vallarta Becomes More Handicapped Friendly
Ubardo Aguilar

"Any public or private building must have universal access. Presently, in Puerto Vallarta, approximately 50% of the buildings such as restaurants and hotels are accessible - I believe that this number last year was 20%."
Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco | Thursday June 23rd, 2011

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