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Positive Real Estate Recovery Linked to Increasing Tourism Numbers
Jim Scherrer - PVNN
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May 24, 2011
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Positive Real Estate Recovery Linked to Increasing Tourism Numbers
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - The Puerto Vallarta Real Estate industry is receiving good news this month. One piece of good news is that its "sister industry", tourism, showed strong numbers with national tourists this summer, and is probably going to show similar strength with international tourists this winter. Also, authorities are continuing to place importance on sustainable development, protecting and including one of the key attractions of real estate in the area - the beautiful natural setting.

The figures released by the Federal Ministry of Tourism show a slight recovery in the three main tourist destinations in the state of Jalisco, including, of course, the Puerto Vallarta Real Estate area. Due to recent investment of almost 60 million pesos in promoting tourism to the U.S. and Canada, and other resources currently focused on promoting the Mexican market abroad, Puerto Vallarta can expect a good turnout of non-Mexican visitors this winter.

As positive signs that there will be a good scene in the immediate term, there is already a significant rebound in tourist arrivals on cruise ships, with six arrivals a week, soon to be eight.

The president of the Trust for Tourism (Fidetur), Gabriel Igarta, insisted that there is an optimistic outlook for the winter period in Puerto Vallarta and there will be results matching the excellent numbers that were seen this summer. There will be visitors to Puerto Vallarta's various attractions, whether it be the beach or the variants in ecotourism or water sports.

Puerto Vallarta's authorities are likewise taking precautions to deal with health related issues in the future. Currently, the government has created a special fund to address any health issues quickly and effectively. This is good news for tourists, but even better news for Puerto Vallarta Real Estate owners, or future buyers, showing that the local authorities are prepared to deal with issues before they occur. Both the investment in advertising Puerto Vallarta tourism and in addressing health issues show a dedication to maintaining and improving Puerto Vallarta's economy and quality of life.

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Another current key point in Puerto Vallarta is that of protecting the beautiful natural setting which offers so much to real estate buyers in the area. Igartua mentioned in an interview that he has had contact with the president-elect of the municipality, Salvador Gonzalez Resendiz, to discuss protection of Puerto Vallarta's natural environment. Real Estate investment and development in Puerto Vallarta always benefits from the beautiful, natural setting of the area. Igartua sees the necessity to protect this benefit and promote a sustainable, environment-friendly approach.

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Jim Scherrer has bought and sold real estate in Puerto Vallarta for almost a quarter a century and has made Vallarta his permanent residence for over ten years. You can reach him at (512) 879-6546.

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