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Gringos in Paradise Launches New VIP Program for People Considering a Move to Mexico

August 31, 2011
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Gringos in Paradise Launches New VIP Program for People Considering a Move to Mexico
Many people are considering living abroad today, maybe a villa or condo in a tropical Caribbean paradise or perhaps a jungle hideaway? Whether in retirement, because of the internet or people just tired of the corporate grind, there are a growing number of Expats living abroad today and many are headed south of the border. The idea of living in paradise is appealing to many, but finding support resources can be confusing and challenging. What if there was a simple blueprint to take you from where you are now... to your perfect place in paradise?

For the past couple of years, (GIP) has become a valuable online information resource for those planning or researching an investment or a move to live in Mexico. In a recent move aimed at enhancing an already useful website, Gringos in Paradise has just announced a new VIP program that will get members real-time direct access to consultations and advice from real Expat representatives who live and work in Mexico. The new VIP member’s area will also provide priority notices on investment opportunities, Mexico Real Estate, a member’s forum, a weekly newsletter and more insider lifestyle tips. Members will also have optional VIP treatment on the ground if they visit certain regions of Mexico and want more personal attention and guidance with GIP Tours.

Finding Opportunity between the Lines

Moving south of the border for many people would sound like a crazy notion based on the news we have all been getting out of Mexico for the last couple of years, but that’s not necessarily the case. According to, people looking beyond the headlines realize the areas where the majority of rival cartel drug violence is occurring are not the places we typically visit or choose to have a second home. It’s also an under reported fact that most foreigners killed in these events are almost always involved in criminal activity.

“This is common sense stuff, there are so many beautiful and safe places to live in Mexico, it’s like anywhere else, if you live in a bad area there are typically bad people doing bad things…there are plenty of dangerous places in the US you wouldn’t consider living, we all choose to live in safe neighborhoods whenever possible” Co-founder of GIP Larry Crowson continued, “It’s the same thing in Mexico and more and more people are starting to catch on. I think with the lower cost of living, warm climate and 10,000 people a day turning 65 in the US, it’s no wonder we are seeing more and more traffic on our website…people are seeking out creative ways to save in retirement. It’s a compelling argument for relocation when you can save 50% or more on Mexican health care costs alone with comparable care quality."

The VIP on GIP Experience Factor

The new “VIP on GIP” program as it’s called will be an enhanced version of the current website which covers a “global perspective” on all things Mexico with contributions and opinions from abroad. “We want the VIP members to have the access they need, this part of our site is going to be more about getting down to business for those people that are really serious about making a move. It’s not just about lifestyle pieces and investment tips either; we want to show people how they really can do this and offer a real path to make it happen…from immigration and insurance to helping find their Mexico home or the best places to shop.”

+ Wexico

Site co-founder Ron Burdine offered more on his own experiences and the new member’s area; “After moving to Tulum, Mexico from Denver, Colorado my wife and I initially faced some interesting challenges and some culture shock to deal with but we have been living an adventure and fulfilling a dream in paradise for close to 4 years now. It wasn’t always easy for us especially at first and I wish there was something like GIP when we decided to make the move, but we made it through it and learned a lot in the process. Through our own experiences, trustworthy contacts and relationships we have built we have created a proven path for relocation or investment in the process…this is first-hand advice that we are sharing with like-minded people. We truly enjoy sharing the area and educating people about how to discover their own paradise in Mexico.”

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