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A bike friendly Sunday at Marina Vallarta in Puerto Vallarta
Jorge Chávez
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December 12, 2011
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he bicycle is the most sustainable, healthy, environmental friendly and inexpensive mean of transportation. Bike rides are a different and great way to get around Puerto Vallarta and at the same time help your overall health.

Every Sunday morning some of the main streets at Marina Vallarta are closed to traffic and left exclusively for the use of bicycles, rollerblades, joggers and all kind of non-motor vehicles, and has become over the months one of the main attractions for local families.

Numerous residents and visitors attend this event at Marina Vallarta to enjoy the rare opportunity of having the streets at their disposal. A family relaxed atmosphere can be enjoyed every Sunday, where you will come across small children followed closely by their parents, tandems, people riding with their dogs by their side and joggers.

The streets closed are Paseo de la Marina, Albatros and Paseo Bocanegra, making it possible for cyclists to get all the way down to the beach. Along this route there are several policemen monitoring traffic and some stands offer free bottled water to participants.

Closing streets on Sundays is a widespread practice throughout the continent, which aims to restore public spaces and encourage a healthy and environmental friendly culture among people. Cities around the world are promoting the use of bicycles in search of a solution to the problems of modern urban life.

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Bicycle Sundays at Marina Vallarta is part of a movement seeking to introduce this means of transportation in Puerto Vallarta. One of its main objectives is to acquire the support of the city to create a recreational path and introduce bicycle lanes around Banderas Bay.

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