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Plastic Surgery in Mexico; Exceeding Patients Expectations
October 3, 2011
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Plastic surgery is no longer just reserved for the rich and famous.

Although plastic surgery is known to be quite expensive, patients are now finding excellent alternatives through medical tourism to Mexico. Traveling internationally for plastic surgery has become the norm, especially for those who live in the United States and Canada.

In the last few years, plastic surgery tourism to Mexico has rightfully earned a reputation as a safe, comfortable and cost effective way to erase wrinkles and get rid of unwanted flab. Mexico is home to many world renowned and sought after plastic surgeons who receive their training in the United States and abroad.

Linda, an American in her 60's, discovered plastic surgery in Mexico after a dramatic weight loss of more than 100 pounds.

She explained, "Once my weight loss was complete, although I was healthy and in shape, I had been left with tremendous sagging skin in my torso, buttocks and thighs that I knew could not be corrected no matter how much exercise I did. So, I began my research."

Linda's scenario is quite common, and plastic surgery is generally the best way to re-sculpt the body after losing a large amount of weight.

While looking for a plastic surgeon in the United States to perform a thigh lift and a lower body lift, Linda discovered that the prices were way out of her limited budget. She was quoted nearly $25,000 just for a thigh lift in the US.

Nevertheless, her search for the perfect plastic surgeon continued, and it landed her in a surprising location just across the border into beautiful, sunny Guadalajara, Mexico.

Linda discovered Reveert, a premier plastic surgery facility offering reasonably priced, high-quality plastic surgery in Mexico.

A talented team of board-certified plastic surgeons, Dr. Alejandro Enriquez de Rivera Campero, and his practice partner and wife, Dr. Nashielli Torres Espinosa founded Reveert with 2 locations in Guadalajara and Puerto Vallarta. Both doctors have established a superior reputation for their excellent plastic surgery skills, and pleasing bed-side manners.

Upon meeting Dr. Alejandro for an initial consultation via Skype, Linda knew she had found the plastic surgery clinic for her.

After speaking with the surgeon and viewing before and after photos of his work, Linda and her husband were convinced and soon began their journey for Linda to undergo plastic surgery in Guadalajara.

Reveert offers a unique and exclusive plastic surgery experience to medical tourists, which is why many patients travel abroad to their Guadalajara and Puerto Vallarta locations.

With years of experience and training in the field of plastic and reconstructive surgery, Dr. Alejandro and Dr. Nashielli use the latest techniques and equipment to perform a variety of plastic surgery procedures.

Whether a patient chooses to undergo breast implants, face lift, nose surgery, or a tummy tuck, the skilled surgeons and staff at Reveert are committed to providing an experience that exceeds expectations.

"Reveert gives patients the opportunity to have plastic surgery in beautiful locations, where they can rest and enjoy the scenery and different activities during recovery," says Dr. Alejandro.

And while the view is exceptional, the same can be said for Reveert's high-caliber medical care standards. For international patients, every detail is readied in advance so patients can focus on surgery and recovery; a stress-free strategy that promotes healing for truly incredible results.

"Upon arrival, other than a brief detour through the main hospital, the pre-op examinations (including a cardio evaluation) had already been scheduled in advance on the same day as my pre-surgery consultation. I don't believe this could ever be accomplished in the USA but these exams were completed easily with no waiting and, I even got to practice my Spanish with the cardiologist!" recalled Linda.

Reveert performs each and every surgery with world-class standards, from consultation to recovery.

"For the optimum level of safety and comfort of our patients, we complete comprehensive pre-op screenings to ensure each individual is a good candidate for plastic surgery," explained Dr. Alejandro.

And although Linda initially traveled for two procedures, a thigh lift and lower body lift in Mexico, she decided on a total body makeover, at Dr. Alejandro's recommendation.

"I ended up doing a bit more than originally planned because I wanted to be completely satisfied with my end result. I went forward not only with the thigh lift and lower body lift, but had a tummy tuck, breast lift and breast implants as well," she confessed. Linda's surgery lasted nearly 12 hours and the cost of all of her plastic surgeries combined…less then $17,000! If you recall earlier she mentioned being quoted $25,000 just for a thigh lift in the US.

Linda's surgery was a success, but her experience wasn't over just yet.

"Recovering from plastic surgery in Mexico with Reveert Guadalajara or Puerto Vallarta is a real first-class experience. Dr. Alejandro and I take pride in providing around-the-clock care for every patient. All of their needs are met with the help of our compassionate doctors and staff," said Dr. Nashielli

With her surgery, Linda and her husband were provided with a three-night hospital stay, and continued her recovery process at a beautiful house the couple rented in downtown Guadalajara.

She said, "The aftercare is something I cannot say enough about. Truly, there is nothing like it in the USA. The team at Reveert made everything easy and even gave me everything I needed in one package, including a nurse to come daily to my rental house."

Linda even received a personal Sunday visit from Dr. Alejandro, a gesture that confirmed she had made a smart decision.

Clearly it is this level of care and attention to detail that has earned Reveert notoriety within the plastic surgery and medical tourism communities in Mexico and beyond it's boarders. It is the difference between simply having plastic surgery in the US, or an exclusive, rejuvenating plastic surgery vacation experience in Mexico that makes Reveert stand out from the crowd.

Linda is just one of many patients who can attest to this. Discovering plastic surgery in Mexico changed her appearance, and her life forever.

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She explained, "For those who may question traveling to Mexico for a 'medical vacation', I can say, without hesitation, that I couldn't have completed my goals for the cost and with the care I received at any price in the USA. If I decide to have any more revisions, I don't need to do any further research, as Reveert will be the first and only call I make."

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