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Redesigning Mexico Routes
Ron Mader -
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October 6, 2011
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Status report. Mexican tourism has had some of its worst years due to natural and human-made crises. But what is most irksome is the lack of frank and public conversation. Earlier this year I had been invited to give a presentation in Mazatlan but the entire conference was cancelled.

There has to be a better way to deepen the interaction of Mexican travel using Web 2.0 channels including Facebook, Flickr, Google Earth, Twitter and Youtube. Our proposal: develop an array of partnerships with friends in and outside of Mexico that connect locals and visitors.

What would we like to see? For more than a decade we have been asking locals and visitors what is on their map of Mexico: what they want to show off, where they want to go and how they want to connect.'s Mexico coverage is the result of this dialogue. We would like to take this to the next phase by co-creating relevant materials, be they actual take-away maps or innovative mash-ups using Google Earth and the iphone!

Our objective is not to duplicate existing materials. There is a great deal of information available, but most of this is located in 'silos' -- independent websites and resource centers. Also, much of available information is available only in espaƱol. We would like to find a way to connect the dots and provide a multilingual experience that benefits visitors and locals alike. Along the way will be making a number of improvements to our website and will be co-creating resources with partners.

If there is an opportunity to work with Mexico tourism pros, I suggest a collaboratively developed campaign directed toward individual travelers who are the most likely candidate to go off the beaten route in search of the wonderful long tail of Mexico tourism! We'd like to participate in lively and helpful conversations, using Web 2.0 and face-to-face meetings.

Let's reflect on how best to engage people seeking any of the following

delicious Mexican cuisine

interaction with Mexico's indigenous population

understanding of Mexico's fantastic biodiversity

understanding of Mexico's colonial past, the independence movement and revolution

Interest in all of these topics is certain to grow in the coming years. The question is how to engage locals and visitors in ways that create win-win situations for all.

Let's consider how to raise the capacity and web-savvyness of local artisans, mom and pop tour operators, restaurant owners and others catering to tourism. These are the businesses that need to learn now rather than later how to 'claim their place' on Google and Foursquare.

Partners will be asked to assist in editing features on the Planeta Wiki and suggest changes to the website.

Partners will be asked to host local events, including photo safaris and green drinks.
How to participate

Please comment, favorite, tweet or facebook the presentations Mexico 2.0 [] and Mexico Now [].


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