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Simply Puerto Vallarta Video Relaunches To Showcase Safety
Charu Suri -
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October 10, 2011
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Safe & Sound in Paradise

“Simply Puerto Vallarta” Video has relaunched to showcase safety to visitors during holiday season.

The winter is a good time to consider booking a flight to Puerto Vallarta, and the tourism board is doing everything it can to dispel the safety myths surrounding Mexico.

To this end, the “Simply Puerto Vallarta” video created in 2010 was just re-released a few days ago, to encourage visitors to get on the road again and visit this beautiful resort city. The Mexico/US border is almost 2,000 miles but there are 42 places where you can cross the border.

Several visitors also drive their motor homes to Puerto Vallarta, but a significant number of American visitors choose to fly, of course. The video re-release features quotes from travelers who say they’ve never had a safety issue when it comes to a visit to Puerto Vallarta, and that people have often offered to help them in the event of breakdowns.

Over the past year, Puerto Vallarta has taken extraordinary measures to attract more visitors, from encouraging their local chefs to cook for social causes at festivals like the 2011 Culinary Palomazo at the CasaMagna Marriott, to opening brand new hotels like the Hilton Resort, which opens the second quarter of 2012.

While many visitors come to Puerto Vallarta for its all inclusive luxury resorts, Puerto Vallarta is extremely scenic with natural attractions that include the Sierra Madre mountains, Banderas Bay, and manmade hot spots including the Botanical Gardens.

The holiday season is a good time to visit, and since prices tend to be steeper than in the off peak months, it pays to book flights early. The idea of an “unsafe” Mexico is more news sensationalism than anything else; a visit to any country can be safe or unsafe depending on how you prepare for it.

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So, put your fears at ease, and get on the road or in the air. Puerto Vallarta is an ideal destination during the holiday season, with temperatures in the neighborhood of 80 degrees. What’s not to love?

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