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Mexican Government Seeks To Recover Cruise Ships

April 11, 2012
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Mexican Government Seeks To Recover Cruise Ships
The cruise industry has become the great slope of the tourism sector despite all work made by the Ministry of Tourism (Sectur) headed by Gloria Guevara Manzo to keep Mexico the number one among cruise ship destinations.

Both the dependent agency and the private initiative is clear that the tourism offered by the country for certain travelers has aged and there is a need to renew and innovate, especially the Pacific ports where the segment has been affected by the crisis in California, USA.

Michelle Paige, president of the Cruise Association of Florida and the Caribbean, revealed that the cruise industry generates nearly $ 300 million USD a year and "Mexico turns out to be an amazing place to visit," however, she suggested, it should be renewed.

"We must work on that experience for the cruiser to be different in Puerto Vallarta and Manzanillo and in Ixtapa, because now you get off the boat and see the three mariachis in all places, the same art craft and this is what we should work on because each destination is different," Guevara Manzo said.

The head of the Tourism Ministry said that the problem lies in the Pacific because in Cozumel, Veracruz, Progreso or two Bocas, Tabasco, receive more boats departing from Galveston or Florida where the economy is doing well, but in California where there is more unemployment it has been reduced.

According to the Tourism Ministry, the cruise industry moves 18 million tourists a year, of which 5.9 million, one third, reaches the Mexican coast and most of them come to Cozumel.

Roberto Borge, Minister of Tourism of Quintana Roo stated that the entity receives from 3.6 to 3.8 million cruise passengers and announced that this year with larger boats it will grow up to 200 thousand visitors, especially in Cozumel.

Mario Lopez Valdes, governor of Sinaloa, said that in the past two years Mazatlan lost all cruise ships docked in port due to the perception of insecurity in the country and its aging process.

In Puerto Vallarta the picture is not alarming, but Charles Gerard, agent for shipping, acknowledged that low season is coming this year and estimates this to reach only 131 ships against 180 in 2011. He noted that the Pacific Flyway is worn and that adds up to its natural market being travelers in California where the economy has been affected.

As far as Acapulco, Rep. Victor Lozano Jorrin said that this activity has plummeted to 98% compared to 2010 for security problems.

In 2008 the 106 cruise ships that were scheduled to arrive in Acapulco, 13 canceled due to influenza and in 2009 reached 110 ships with 193 000 passengers, in 2010 there were 138 cruise ships and 247 000 tourists, in 2011 the number fell to 81 boats and in 2012 its estimated as low as 14 ships with up to 11 000 passengers.

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In Chiapas, the local Ministry of Tourism reported that they expect to grow the cruise arrival and estimated that in 2012 the port of Chiapas will receive 19 boats with 38 000 passengers.

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