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San Sebastian del Oeste
April 14, 2012
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A Have-To-See place: San Sebastian del Oeste, nineteenth-century ancestral village where you must taste the best tequila....

On the Highway 544 from Vallarta through the villages of Talpa de Allende and Mascota you can see oak and pine trees, cattle, corn.

El Puente del Progreso (Progress Bridge) is spectacular and allows free transportation between several villages. Its population keeps the town clean and traditional.

The Bufa hill is a mountain overlooking Puerto Vallarta and the Banderas Bay where Richard Roberts married Elizabeth Taylor in 1957. There’s also the Pantheon where he was buried and as he requested before his death you should always carry a bottle of real Raicilla with you.

Local people, like Mrs. Concha say that San Sebastian del Oeste was a mining town. Just 10 years ago they paved the road, which has several sections of regional and precious stones. And it is in San Felipe del Hijar, Los Reyes and Soyatán where you can find traces of the history, flora and fauna, handicrafts and embroidery.

The Kiosk, the Parish Museum (Museo Parroquial) and Real del Alto, are also have-to-see spots because their sweet candies and spirits will brighten up your day.
A heavenly place for a walk in the clouds ... it tastes like brown sugar, and smells like coffee of la Quinta, that is 100% organic.

xIt was in 1700 when the mine closed, so many migrated to other areas, always sending economic aid for their town, to keep it up.

This place is ideal for visitors and tourists who want to recharge the soul and heart.

Surrounded by the West Sierra Mountains and from where you can get to Guadalajara on the highway or to Puerto Vallarta, this is an oasis of retreat where you get to feel the town’s roots, history and magic.

Located approximately at an altitude of 2500 meters (1.5 miles) its flora, fauna and microclimates can be appreciated on the paths, with fruit trees, ancestral fungi, figs, bougainvillea and the pink spring tree and agave Lechuguilla which you can see from a distance decorating the beautiful landscape with healthy and green crops.

A Spiritual place, especially after a day of hard work, this is an ideal place to let the Golf, and business stay far away for a while and enjoy the magic.

I see a Volcano in the distance, and we have indeed a clear and blue sky.

The Food of the locals is unique, made with mole of 10 chillies with garlic, which makes it light on the palate, especially for foreign visitors and locals ... very good.

Named Magic Town in 2011, it’s a plce where one can relax and admire the quality of restoration. The town celebrates their native holidays also summer and Christmas holidays.

An essential destination for those who want to belong, to transcend, for investors in green ecology and honey ... for a sustainable world.

San Sebastian del Oeste is definitively a really magical people. / tourism.

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